Private Hosting Now At WP Top Hat

100% Anonymous Hosting To Protect Your Privacy

Everyday your privacy is being invaded by “Big Tech”. But it is not just Google, YouTube, or Facebook that are waging war on your privacy and freedom of speech. Even smaller websites are mining every bit of data from you that they can get. And like “big tech”, they are using it to market to you.

Unfortunately, this invasion of privacy goes much deeper than your own personal information. If you run a website using traditional hosts, your users may also be at risk! These big businesses may be mining your site and the traffic your site gets. They can then use that information to market to your visitors!

Well, today, WP Top hat is proud to announce the most private WordPress hosting on the market. This new hosting option helps protect your information as well as your visitor’s information while they are on your site. 

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“Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.” – Marlon Brando, Actor

It starts with a simple choice: Signup in the traditional way by providing your name, credit card info, and other personal information, OR signup completely anonymously by providing only the necessary details to create your account. 

By choosing to signup anonymously, you limit the details you have to provide to us. In this, there are 2 options:

1.Use Cryptocurrency

If you choose to use Crypto, the only information you must provide is the email address you want your account under and your domain name. You can choose to provide us with your name or not. You can even use a fictitious name.

2. Credit/Debit Card

You can still pay using your Credit/Debit card using our secure Stripe checkout. If you do, you will need to provide valid billing and payment details. However, we do not retain these details. Not even in Stripe. Once your payment has been successful, we automatically delete your payment history from Stripe. 

Going Beyond Payment Privacy

But we do not stop with simply protecting your privacy at the payment level. We take other steps to protect the privacy of each and every person that visits our website. Here are a few ways we do this:

Cookie Policy

We don’t like cookies. Well, unless they have chocolate chips and pecans! We know that most of our users feel the same way. So our cookie policy is simple:

“WP Top Hat does not use tracking cookies of any kind. We may use certain types of cookies to help  you login or get help easily, but we will never use cookies to track your activity on our site or any other. We will not use cookies to market to you or your visitors.”

How much more simple can you get?

Affiliate Marketing

On occasion, you may see affiliate links on our site, typically in a blog post that mentions one of our partners. These third parties will probably use tracking cookies, meaning that as soon as you click the link, they will track you. But if you do not click, you will not be tracked.

Now if you join our affiliate program, this cookie policy will vary. We need to be able to track our affiliate ads in order to see the results, and thus be able to pay you your commissions. However, that is where our tracking will stop. We won’t continue to track users that click your affiliate link indefinitely.  We don’t retain their personal information or activity after they visit our site via an affiliate link. Just as importantly, clicking one of our ads does not result in unwanted emails or marketing campaigns. Click on one of our ads, you wither buy or you don’t. But if you leave WP Top Hat without a purchase, it will be as if you were never here. We WILL forget you!


We firmly believe in everyone’s right to privacy and we will do all we can to protect the privacy of our customers and our visitors. If law enforcement comes to us with a  subpoena, we will cooperate within the legal requirements. The good news is that even if we surrender everything to them, they will get nothing about our clients or visitors because we simply do not collect anything.

SIgnup today using our Anonymous Checkout and protect your privacy and the privacy of your visitors!