About Project is a web hosting company offering plans ranging from shared to dedicated hosting, as well as SSL certificates & domain names. They contacted WP Top Hat to redesign a site that was severely underperforming. The new site uses a completely custom theme that is built from the ground up to integrate with their billing system and hosting control panel.

Host Magi uses a custom hosting control panel, and they needed the site to fully integrate with it. As they host the site on their own servers, they did not need hosting or maintenance, however, they continue to send new business to WP Top Hat on a regular basis.

As a hosting company, you might think we would design our own site, but we wanted something special and it seemed best to go with more experienced developers. We chose WP Top Hat and we could not be happier! The site is amazing! It is fast, user-friendly, and does a bang-up job showcasing our products!
Tim B

COO, HostMagi




PHP, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, API, marketing, copywriting, graphic design


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