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A Brief Overview

The Hub will be the primary operations center you use to manage your site and view vital site information like analytics, security stats, uptime, performance, and more. It is also where you will go to manage your DNS, domains, backups and other important hosting features. So it is important to have a basic understanding of the Hubs features and how to get around. In this article, we are going to give just a brief overview of the Hub. You can find more in-depth articles in our Knowledgebase to cover each area of the Hub.


Once you have logged in to your Hub at you the first thing you will see is all sites in your account. For most, you will only see 1 site here. however, for Elite members or members on some custom plans, you may see more than 1 site. To manage a site, simply click the site you wish to work with.

Please note that if you hover over the site in Grid view, you will see icons related to each tab and clicking any of these icon will take you to the related tab.


Once you have clicked on the site (not a tab icon) you will be taken first to the Overview tab.


This tab gives you a broad overview of your sites performance, storage usage, uptime, backups, updates, security, and more.

Plugins and themes

This tab will list all plugins and themes that you have installed on your site. It will display the version and update status.You can also activate and deactivate installed plugins from here.



The hosting tab displays information directly related to your hosting account. This includes domains, SFTP/SSH accounts, backups, Analytics, staging, and email management. This is where you will go to add your domain(s) when you are ready to launch your site to a live environment.



This tab will show you the current security status of your site. If there is anything that needs your attention to make your site more secure, you will find that here. From here, you can also blacklist IP addresses, enable Two Factor authentication, and view reports concerning the recent security of your site.

hub security


In the Performance tab, you can see detailed information about how your site is performing. You can run a performance scan, run a speed test, and view important information about caching, compression and other optimizations your site is using or needs.



If you are using the premium SEO plugin that we provide, this tab will display detailed SEO information about your site. If you are not using our SEO offering, this information will not be displayed.



This tab will list all available backups that exist for your site. This includes daily backups that we create for you as well as any backups you manually create. From here you can restore any existing backup, download a backup to your computer, or create a new manual backup. You can also view the backup settings. However, these settings may not be changed.



This tab will tell you how long your site has been up and any downtimes that have occurred over the previous 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. You can also manually check for uptime.



Finally, we come to the final tab: Analytics. This tab is only populated if you are using beehive Analytics, which we provide at no charge and will come pre-installed on your WordPress website. If activated, this tab will show you information about traffic on your site. This includes visits, pageviews, average visit length, and bounce rate.



As you can see, the Hub provides a wide range of useful tools. As a managed platform, many of these areas are handled for you. However, unlike most managed hosts, we have chosen to give you access to this information so that you or your developers can perform essential duties as needed. If you ever have any questions or concerns about the Hub, submit a ticket and we will help gladly!

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