Dedicated Vs. Network Plans: What is the difference?

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At WP Top Hat we have 2 individual hosting options: Dedicated & Network.  Each of these options offers different advantages. In this article we will look at each option and explain the differences they have.

Ongoing Care:

All of our plans, whether dedicated or network include ongoing site care. Features of these plans are identical with both hosting types, with 1 single exception: Developer hours. To keep costs low on our Network plans, these plans include less developer time than our dedicated plans (more on this below in the About Network Plans section).

About Dedicated Plans:

Our “Dedicated plans” offer business and enterprise-class hosting options with dedicated server resources. With these plans, you get:

Dedicated RAM
Dedicated vCPUs
Higher allotment of developer hours
More bandwidth
30-day nightly backups

About Network Plans:

Our network plans are built to be an affordable alternative to our dedicated plans. These plans offer all of the same ongoing care features as our dedicated plans, except for reduced developer hours. However, these plans do have some differences in terms of hosting resources. These plans are best for small startups, non-profits, personal/family sites, or small business sites.

Our network plans run on a WordPress Multisite network and have some limitations in comparison to our dedicated plans. Hosting resources like RAM and CPU are shared, as is your IP address. Bandwidth and storage are also more limited.

To ensure that the platform runs smooth and secure, there are also some restrictions on what you can do with these plans. Let’s look closely at the differences.


Network plans are built to be affordable to even the smallest businesses or individuals who want to create a personal blog a family sharing site. These plans start as low as $25/month.

Dedicated plans are more advanced and are well suited for midsize to larger organizations. Due to to the advanced capability of these plans, they are naturally a bit higher priced. These plans start at $75/mo.


With our dedicated plans, you are free to use any WordPress theme of your choosing. Of course, we do still encourage you to use Divi, which is included in your plan. We also give you more than 1500 Divi layouts and currently almost 50 child themes.

Our network plans are limited to the Divi theme (license included in plan) and Divi child themes that we have in our collection. This sounds like a huge limitation, but when you consider that Divi is one of the most powerful themes on the market, added to the fact that we provide a growing library of Divi child themes and layouts, you are not nearly as restricted as it first sounds.

While you are not able to install your own theme with Network plans, we do allow you to create your own Divi child theme (we even include a handy plugin for that) and layouts. Also, we are happy to install third party Divi child themes on your behalf if you find one somewhere else that you wish to use.


With Dedicated plans, you are free to install and use any plugin of your choosing. We also include more than $1500 worth of free premium plugins in every plan.

Network plans include a wide range of plugins to fill virtually every need you could have. Many of these are premium plugins, fully licensed. You cannot install plugins with these plans, BUT if there is a plugin you need that is not currently available, let us know. We are happy to review the plugin and as long as it is a quality plugin, we will install it for you and add it to the collection of available plugins.

Hosting Control

With our dedicated plans comes our awesome hosting control panel where you can control things like DNS, SFTP access, and more.We also offer a custom Client Portal to manage your account easily.

Our Network plans do have an awesome Client Portal for easy account management, but they do not include access to the hosting control panel. These plans do not include direct access to typical hosting features. Of course, if you need anything you can submit a ticket and we are happy to help.

File and DatabaseAccess

Dedicated hosting plans include access to site files via SFTP and SSH. We also include access to phpMyAdmin to manage your database. Dedicated plans also include Git support and WPCLI support.

Network plans do not include access to site files or the database.








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