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The WP Top Hat blog is being reborn and we need your help! We are looking for awesome articles to share with our members and social media followers! Consider this your personal invitation to write for a growing company and build your portfolio in the process!

We are looking for writers of all experience levels that are capable of producing well-written and engaging content.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements

In the following sections, most but not all of the guidelines we use select content for our blog. If you’re interested in being a contributor to our blog,  you’ll need to follow the guidelines and requirements below.

Be Relevant To Our Audience

Our audiences includes small business owners with all level of WordPress experience. It also includes WordPress developers, designers, marketers, and other WordPress professionals, again with varying levels of experience.

Our readers are looking for engaging and easy to read content that solves a problem, introduces them to a new WordPress product or services, and entertains them. They do not want another re-iteration f something that has been done on umpteenth blogs, unless you can add a truly unique perspective on it. They want fresh ideas!

Long Form Content is Good (But Only If It’s Relevant)

We do not put hard limits on the length of articles you can submit. What is important to us is the quality of the content. Yes, you should be as concise as possible, after all, our readers don’t really want to read book length articles either. We will accept short articles of a couple hundred words up to a couple thousand words. You should strive to convey the point of the article in as few words as possible, but we understand that some topics simply require longer lengths.

Be Original And Keep It Fresh

If we’ve already covered a topic, we won’t accept a new post on it. Unless, the old post is out of date and yours has more recent information, better writing, and a more thorough explanation of the topic.

Additionally, we do not accept submissions that have already been published elsewhere. That includes personal websites/blogs, your business blog, or ANYWHERE else. Your content must be 100% original.

Plagiarism Will Be Detected And You May Be Banned

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. All submissions will be scanned and if plagiarism is detected, the article will be rejected.  Any authors who submit plagiarized content will be banned from writing for us for 6 months for the first offense, and permanently for the second offense.


We can provide images for most articles. If you are writing a tutorial, review, or any other article that requires demonstrative images, you should provide these when possible.

Featured images should be 1080px by 608px. Body images must be 940px wide.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we will not accept any images or graphic elements that you do not own or have a license to use for commercial purposes. If the image is not your original creation, you must provide either full attribution, OR proof of your right to use the image.

Absolutely No Self-Promotion, Affiliate Links, or Sponsored Posts

While we wish that this part was self-explanatory, it needs to be explicitly stated. We will not accept self-promoting posts that link back to your personal or business website. We also do not allow affiliate links of any kind. Additionally, if we suspect that a post is being written at the request of a third party for promotional purposes we will pass on the article.

The single exception is your bio. We want you to get all the credit for your awesome content. To that end,  we ask that your articles include a short bio (200 words or less). This bio may include 1 link to YOUR own content. This may be your personal website, business website, social media page, etc.

Types of Articles We Want

We accept many types  fo  article on any WordPress related topic. Below, you can see a general idea of what we want. HINT: We especially love articles about Divi, Elementor, and the WordPress community.

Tutorials: We publish in-depth, step-by-step tutorials on virtually any WordPress topic.

In-Depth Guides: We publish guides that represent years of experience on a single topic to provide deep insights and actionable tips.

Evidence-Based Opinion Pieces: We value the views  of all members of the WordPress community. As long as you have reliable and reputable research to back it up. If that’s you, tell us what you think about topics involving WordPress, WordPress Business, Web Development, Web Design, remote work, marketing, etc.

Ongoing Series: If you want to be a regular contributor and you can create a consistent series of content, let us know. We would love to feature a regular column by great writers like you. For us, this is a win-win situation. You get steady income from your column and of course recognition for your work, and we get regular fresh content from your amazing brain!

The Submission Process

Our submission process is simple: use this form to tell us what you want to write about and we’ll follow up with you within 1 week.


Once your article has been scheduled for publicaton, we will will send you invoicing details. We can pay you in the following ways:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Crypto
  • Free WP Top Hat services

Alternatively,  you may invoice us for payment using your preferred payment method such as Stripe. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to ensure that you get paid in a way that is convenient for you.


Our rates may vary depending on several factors such as article depth, article length, your experience, among other. However, we strive to be consistent so we have set a minimum/maximum range. At no time will we pay less than $0.25/word for any content we accept. Equally, we will not pay more than $2.00/word. This range may be changed in the future as the economy and demand requires.

Each time you submit an article, if we are interested in publishing it, you will receive a no obligation offer. If you accept the offer, we will move forward. If you reject the offer, we will remove your submission completely from our systems and invite you to submit more work later.