WP Top Hat Inc proudly accepts barter as a valid form of payment. To make a barter offer, complete the form below.

But first, here are the rules:

We accept services as well as digital or new and used physical items that you fully own or for which you possess verifiable rights to sell.

No guns, drugs, or other illegal products or services.

WP Top Hat will determine if your item is close enough in value to your order total. If your offer is worth less than your order total, you may offer additional items or pay the balance using a credit/debit card.

If we cannot accept the item or service you are offering for trade, we may make a counteroffer at our discretion.

Barter for hosting services requires an annual plan. You will have 30 days to deliver your barter product or service to avoid cancellation of your account.

If you are ordering services other than hosting plans, we will invoice you for the cash value of your purchase. You can then offer a trade based on this value.

If you are using barter to renew your WP Top Hat services, you must submit your offer no later than 14 days before your current service expiration. Accepted offers must be delivered no more than 14 days after your account is renewed to avoid suspension for non-payment.

We reserve the right to reject any offer for any reason

If you are trading a new or used physical item, the item must be received in the condition you describe in the barter form. If the item is not in the condition you described, we will (at our discretion) either return the item to you at your expense and reject the trade or offer an updated value based on the items true condition. If you accept our updated offer, any remaining balance must be paid within 14 days. 

Physical item trade offers must be accompanied by at least 1 recent photo. Do not upload any images containing illegal activity or items.

All physical items described as new must be accompanied by an original sales receipt and must include all original packaging and supplementary materials.

Used items do not require a receipt but will be given a higher value if you include a receipt or bill of sale.

To make a trade, you will need to provide a copy of a valid photo id. When we reach an agreement, we will provide instructions on how to provide this securely.

Barter is only available to customers from the United States

If you send us an item that is determined to be stolen, we will cooperate fully with your local law enforcement and pursue collections action against you for the amount owed.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping or delivery costs of physical items and these costs will NOT be included in the value of your trade. Exceptions may be made for items with higher shipping costs. In such cases, WP Top Hat may agree to pay for partial or full shipping costs at our discretion.