Revolutionizing WordPress Hosting..... Again


When we launched WP Top Hat nearly 5 years ago, we revolutionized Managed WordPress hosting by combining hosting and ongoing care in a single package, creating the first-ever Total Website Management platform for WordPress.

Well, today I am here to announce that we are doing it again. Once again, we are going to shake up the managed WordPress industry.

I am excited to announce the public beta of our brand new Client Portal. With our new portal, you will have access to features usually unheard of in managed WordPress. You will have more control than the average managed host provides too. Sorry, we cannot give too many details here as this is not yet a public release, but you can have a chance to test it yourself and see it in all its glory! More on that in just a minute.

This beta will take place on the same rock-solid hosting platform our current plans use. So it is fully production-ready, stable, and high performance.There will be a few small differences in the beta that you should be aware of.

1 – Client Portal This is the most obvious one as it is the primary purpose of this beta.

2 – WordPress Installs – The current Basic hosting plan allows just 1 WordPress install.  The new Beta plan will allow up to 3 sites. All 3 sites enjoy the full benefits of this plan.

3 – Server Resouces – Part of the purpose of this beta is to determine the correct amount of resources to provide for clients under each plan. As such, there will be no hard data or storage limits during the beta. This will not change for our beta testers once this phase ends. But new accounts will have specific data limits. (Another reason to get in on this now).

4 – Divi – At some point in the near future (likely sometime soon after this beta ends), WP Top Hat will become a Divi only managed host. As such, under this beta, Divi will be the only them we officially support. We already provide Divi and a wide range of Divi extensions, layouts, and child themes at no charge to all clients. This will apply to beta testers as well.

So are you ready to enjoy free managed hosting during our beta and 50% off for life after? Complete the beta application below to be considered for one of the limited beta spots. We will let you know within 24 hours if your application is approved. If you are chosen, you will get a free Basic hosting plan, with all its benefits until the public beta ends. At the end of the beta, you can cancel or continue for 50% off for as long as you are a customer.

Remember, since this is a beta, there may be some minor bugs in the new client portal and your feedback will be important. But I want to stress that bugs will be limited to the new portal. and will not affect the reliability or performance of the hosting service. We are not making changes to our hosting service infrastructure.

Remember, this is limited beta and we are only letting a small number of users to enroll. So sign up today!