If you know me you know that I think Divi by Elegant Themes is the best WordPress on the market today. Thats why we get so excited every year at this time. It is the most wonderful time of the year!


The Divi Black Friday sale and giveaway, that’s why!

We are already lifetime members. An upgrade we made from annual during the 2018 Black Friday sale I might add! When we upgraded during the 2018 sale, we also got a bunch of exclusive freebies that we still use today. We also got access to last years exclusive freebies, and will get access to this years as well. That is because Elegant Themes is such an awesome company that they refuse to leave current subscribers out in the cold!

Anyhoo, I digress! This years Black Friday sale is set to be the best one yet. A little birdie has told me that this years discount just might be bigger than ever. Top that off with more than $800,000 dollars in frebies and giveaways and Elegant Themes is going all out! 

After the year we have had, I think we could all use such a generous gift! So thank you to Nick and the whole team over at Elegant Themes! 

If you have not done so already, get your tail over to the Elegant Themes website RIGHT NOW and get in on this event before it is too late! You may even win an awesome new iMac!

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