A few months ago we discontinued our maintenance only plans as part of a series of platform changes. Since then, we have received dozens of requests to bring those plans back. Today we are happy to announce that we have heard those requests. We originally ended our maintenance only plans to allow us to focus on our own hosting platform. While this has gone well and we have seen tremendous growth in this area, the demand for maintenance only plans is much higher than we originally expected. So starting Monday, January 6th, our maintenance plans will return.

Something Old, Something New

For the last month, we have been hard at work recreating our maintenance only plans. In some ways, these plans will remain the same. For example, the plans will still include all of the core features like automatic safe updates, security and performance enhancements, and daily off-site backups will all still be there. But there are some important changes to these plans as well. 

Hosting Now An Addon

With our current plans, you are required to host your site with WP Top Hat. But starting Monday, hosting will now be an optional addon. Our most basic hosting plan will be a free addon. This plan will remain on our current WordPress Multisite Network setup. The plan will include the popular Divi theme and several premium plugins. With the free addon, you get 5gb of storage 750gb of bandwidth, and the option to bring your own domain or use a free wptophat.wpmudev.host domain. If you opt for the latter, your domain will be something like wptophat.wpmudev.host/mysite.

In addition, we will offer 4 additional hosting plan add-ons that start at just $15/month. The paid hosting plans will be as follows:

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Dedicated RAM 1GB 2GB 8GB 16GB
No. of vCPUs 1 2 4 6
SSD Storage 10GB 15GB 50GB 140GB
Bandwidth 1TB 2.5TB 10TB 20TB
Starting at: $12.50 $30 $55 $110



More Addons

We will be rolling out a large number of new addons that can enhance your WordPress maintenance plan. These addons will include improved content management packages, SEO packages, web design packages, training packages, and more. Most add-ons can be purchased from right within your client area and you can bundle add-ons for extra discounts.


To Divi Or Not To Divi!

Until now we have hosted Divi sites exclusively. Beginning with this new rollout on Monday, we will no longer require Divi on our paid hosting plans. While we still love Divi and encourage you to use this amazing theme (we even give it to you for free with any maintenance plan), we realize that not everyone loves Divi as much as we do. So you can now use any theme you want. 

I am sorry this does not apply to the free hosting tier add-on. This plan will still require the use of Divi. But we will still offer an extensive library of more than 1200 (and counting) Divi layouts and child themes with this and every plan.


We will continue to provide a range of premium plugins, Divi extensions, and Divi layouts and child themes with all plans. The best part is that this collection of free Premium content is growing! We have added several new premium items and have more coming soon. Please note that to use any of the Divi freebies you will need to use the Divi theme. But there are plenty of freebies that do not require Divi as well! You can see the full list of freebies HERE.

More To Come

We are always striving to improve and meet the needs of our customers. We have tons more awesome features in the works that will be rolled out over the next few months. So make sure you are keeping your eyes peeled!