On August 1 2019, we will finally publicly release our new hosting plans that have been in beta for the past 6 months. We wanted to take a moment to answer a few questions you may have about this change. 

“What does this mean for your current plans?”

Our current plans will remain intact, but with new lower pricing.  We are considering changing the names of the current plans in order to make them follow a similar naming scheme as our new plans, but this has not been decided.

“What is the difference between the new plans and the old ones?”

Our current plans do not offer a hosting control panel. For many of our customers, this is great as they have no desire to manage their hosting plans themselves. But some customers have expressed a need for more control and traditional hosting features. 
The new plans will provide access to a highly customized Plesk experience. These plans will give you access to SFTP, DNS management, PHP management, and more. The plans will also offer GIT integration, powerful WordPress tools, and an improved staging experience.
The plans will come in 2 flavors: Shared or VPS. So you can select the best option based upon your budget and resource needs.Shared plans will offer a low cost option for smaller sites with basic hosting requirement. Unlike most shared hosts that often put hundreds or even thousands of customers per server, we will keep each server capped at a maximum of 100 customers. 
VPS plans will bring more power to those that need it. Every VPS will have dedicated CPU, memory, and storage. VPS customers can also request SSH access if it is needed/desired. 
Both plan types will include all of the same maintenance features with one exception: Design/development tasks will be included on VPS plans at no extra charge. Shared plans can purchase design/developemnt tasks either as needed or as anaddon to your subscription. 

“How are the lower plans different from the higher plans if they have the same maintenance features?”

We wanted to create a pricing structure that gives every customer essentially the same benefits. So our plans differ only in the amount of hosting resources each level gets. So as you move up in plan tier, you get more storage,bandwidth, CPU usage, etc. So choose the plans that fits your resource needs, not based on maintenance features. 
We are super excited for the launch of these new plans and we think you will love them! Remember, our support team is hear to answer any questions you might have. Open a chat or send us a ticket with your questions.