Today we are proud to announce a large number of improvements to our platform and service. These changes will save our customers time and money and will enable us to provide a better experience for every customer. So let’s drop the small talk and get to the exciting news!

WPMUDev Partnership

Back in February, we announced that we would be partnering with WPMUDev to provide a wide range of benefits to our customers. That partnership is now official and all clients are now being hosted on the WPMUDev Enterprise Hosting platform. This partnership has brought many awesome benefits to our clients that go beyond improved hosting.

Hosting Improvements

The new WPMUDev hosting infrastructure has allowed us to completely redesign the WP Top Hat hosting plans to give you more resources. Nearly every plan now has double the resources our previous plans had. Plus, these resources are now fully dedicated. That means that none of your resources are shared with other users and your site can’t be affected by other customers. 

The new hosting platform also includes a powerful new Global CDN that optimizes and secures all of your site’s files and data, including media files. You now have 8 data centers to choose from so you can pick a data center close to your customers, no matter where they are in the world. Here are the locations you can choose from:

  • Canada
  • USA -East
  • USA -West
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

Usability & Feature Improvements

This partnership has allowed us to also provide a ton of usability and feature improvements. First, every WPMUDev plugin is now available free on EVERY paid account. Although WPMUDev recently dropped many of their plugins from the official offering, they have kept the best of them and are now more focused on making these already awesome plugins even better:

  • Smush Pro
  • Hummingbird Pro
  • Defender Pro
  • Hustle Pro
  • Forminator Pro
  • Snapshot Pro
  • Smartcrawl Pro
  • Shipper Pro
  • Google Analytics+
  • Integrated Video Tutorials

Some other great new or improved features made possible by the WPMUDev partnership include:

  • Integrated support
  • Better Site Reports
  • More robust site monitor
  • Easy staging
  • & safe WordPress Updates that will not break your site.

These are just a few of the most noticeable improvements this new partnership has enabled us to make. There are many others that help to truly make WP Top Hat the most revolutionary managed WordPress Platform ever!.


Elegant Themes Partnerships

As you know, we have always partnered with Elegant Themes to bring Divi free to all of our customers. But this partnership has now been expanded to offer not only Divi but also the Extra theme as well as Bloom and Monarch Plugins. Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market today and is the Flagship for Elegant Themes. Don’t want the theme but want to use the Divi Builder? No problem! You can have that for free too!

Together, these partnerships provide more than $500 in added value to our customers.

Control Panel

After speaking directly with our customers, we have decided to get rid of the WP Top Hat Control panel. The majority of our users are not technical folks and have never even logged into the control panel. Instead, we have integrated everything into the WP-Admin and the customer portal. This has allowed us to create a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for our users. Site management is now fully contained in the user’s wp-admin area. Account management is contained in the WP Top Hat member portal. 

In the past, if you wanted to avail to the multiple freebies we offer, you had to send a support ticket and wait for us to install and activate the theme or plugin for you. Now you can access them directly from WP-Admin. All products come pre-installed in your WP-Admin with all licensing pre-configured. Just activate the ones you want to use and you are ready to go!

There are several other improvements coming to the member portal over the next few weeks as well. The ultimate goal is to make the overall customer experience as easy and fun as we possibly can. Member will soon gain early access to upcoming promotions, announcements, and giveaways. 

Upcoming Features

Member Forums

By the end of summer 2019, we will be launching an exclusive member community that only paid members have access to. This will include member forums, private member giveaways, member tutorials, and more. Members will be able to create and share tutorials as well as enjoy those submitted by other members and created by us. 

Monthly Giveaways

Starting June 1, we will begin monthly giveaways and members will be able to enter one week before they are publicly announced. Members are automatically entered each day, and can earn 1 extra entry every day they share ANYTHING on our site! We will also offer chances to earn bonus entries, but only for members.

Nonmembers only get 3 entry weeks for each giveaway and only earn entries by sharing. So being a member dramatically increases your chances of winning.

Prizes will include free plugins, themes, and other WordPress services, tickets to WordCamps, and more. 

Decade Membership

Starting in June 2019, WP Top Hat will begin offering our Decade memberships on all of our plans. These memberships will be for 10 full years of WordPress Maintenance and Hosting, in addition to a few bonus features, at the lowest possible price. While the upfront cost may be a bit higher, you will save 60-80% over the course of your 10-year plan. And of course, our refund policy still applies so you can cancel at any time for a pro-rated discount. Decade Membership prices are guaranteed to be the lowest we will ever offer. So you will not see sales on shorter-term plans that give a lower price. This guarantees your savings.

Special Discounts

Effective immediately, WP Top Hat now offers a 15% discount to the following groups:

  • Military (Active duty or not)
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Teens
  • Seniors
  • Non-profits
  • Police & Firefighters

We will also be offering 12 months free for certain types of sites such as those dedicated to finding missing persons. To see if your site qualifies, just submit a support ticket.


WP Top Hat has experienced very rapid growth since adding managed hosting to our WordPress maintenance plans and we are truly humbled by the great support we have gotten from customers and the WordPress community. As we continue to grow, we are committed to giving back to our community and improving our service every day.