For a long time, we used ManageWP to administer our WordPress maintenance services. However, about 6 months ago we decided to try using WPMUDev instead. After all, we were already paying for a subscription in order to use the WPMUDev plugins. So we thought trying them for our maintenance plans would be a good idea.

In the beginning, we only put our own sites and those of a few clients on the WPMUDev Hub. We wanted to test everything out. Now, 6 months later, we are preparing to phase ManageWP out completely and replace it with WPMUDev. As we prepare to make these changes, I wanted to share with the community our experiences using WPMUDev and why we are leaving ManageWP behind. After all, ManageWP is arguably the most popular WordPress management platform today.

Over the last several months, WPMUDev has worked very hard to improve the Hub. Client reports, analytics, updates, and many other features have seen some very nice improvements.

The client reports feature, which 6 months ago was “ok” and not really very good when compared to ManageWP has really improved more than any other feature. I dare say that I now prefer them over ManageWP’s reports. They are more customizable, better written, and contain much-improved information than they did 6 months ago. 

Money was also another huge factor in this decision. The average per site cost at ManageWP was around $8. WPMUDev is $50/month, but you can manage several thousand sites for that price. So once you are managing 7 sites in the Hub, you are spending less per site than ManageWP. And of course, the more sites you are managing, the lower your per site cost. Think about it. If you are managing enough sites in the Hub, you could be paying just pennies per site! Beat that price! We have been able to pass these savings on to our clients by reducing our prices and making upgrades to our site and infrastructure.

Improvements to plugins like Branda and the new shipper plugin have made WPMUDev so much easier to use and has made it easier to maintain every site you manage. I am absolutely in love with the new Branda improvements. This plugin makes white-labeling a snap. Shipper is a new plugin and as such still has some room for improvement. For one thing, it is not very fast, taking several hours to migrate even a small site. But it has some real promise and I suspect that it will soon replace Blogvault as my favorite migration plugin.

At one point there was a pretty huge gap in features when comparing ManageWP and WPMUDev. This really is not the case anymore. When you look at what you get for the price you pay, WPMUDev is simply a better value. So if you are running a WordPress maintenance company, I strongly urge you to give WPMUDev a fresh look!