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If you have been in the WordPress world for a while, you have probably heard of WPMUDev. They are the force behind such famous plugins as WP Smush, Hummingbird, and others. You may also know that WPMUDev also provides a kickass WordPress management platform that lets you manage countless WordPress sites in one place. 

They are also the force behind the wildly popular Edublogs platform that hosts millions of educational blogs. They have also provided enterprise-grade WordPress Multisite hosting for nearly 15 years. WPMUDev has long been known as one of the best hosting platforms for large enterprise WordPress sites. So they are no strangers to WordPress hosting. But the price tag for those services starts in the thousands of dollars a month range. Not something most of us smaller businesses could even hope to afford. 

But now WPMUDev has announced a brand new hosting platform that we average folks can rejoice at. For just $49.95 a month, you not only get access to all of WPMUDev’s over 100 plugins, WPMUDev Academy, and site management features, but you can now host 3 WordPress websites at no extra cost! Additional sites will start at $25 each. Wow! Sounds like an amazing deal right?

Well, we know that WPMUDev ‘s plugins and management platform are well worth that cost. But what about this new hosting option? Should you trust WPMUDev with your sites? In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at their new hosting offering and try to answer that. We will first take a look at the features these new plans include. Then we will look at how sites hosted on WPMUDev perform.

The Features

WPMUDev has included all of the normal features you would expect to get from managed WordPress hosting. These features, combined with the aforementioned benefits of a WPMUDev subscription make up one of the most feature-rich hosting plans on the market. 

Dedicated Resources:

Forget shared hosting resources. With WPMUDev you get dedicated memory, CPU, and storage resources that are completely independent of any other site – including other sites you host with them. You can choose from 8 global data center locations to ensure your visitors get the best load times.

Optimized Performance:

Every site on WPMUDev can take advantage of a global CDN, advanced caching, and even IPv6 support. Expect your sites to outperform most other hosts. We will look at site performance in more detail later.

Security and Automation:

WPMUDev hosting includes Defender security and Automate right out of the box. This means your site is kept secure 24/7. Updates and backups are handled automatically, and your site is monitored for problems 24/7. They have also included malware cleanup, so if your site is ever compromised, they will help get it cleaned and back online quickly.

From Single Site To Multisite

This is one of the more surprising and exciting features. Have you ever needed to convert a single site install to a multsite install? While doable, we all know it is not always an easy task and things often go wrong. But not anymore! In your WPMUDev Hosting Hub, click the site you want to convert. Then click the Tools tab. Next to multisite, click “Off”  and this will open a simple dialog to make the conversion. Accept it and click convert. In a matter of a minute or 2 you now have a WordPress Multisite network on your previously single site! This has NEVER been so easy!


One of the best features of WPMUDev has in my opinion always been some of the best support in the industry. The folks at WPMUDev are always there to help, 24 hours a day. This amazing support has extended to their new hosting offerings.

Other features:

There are tons of other great features with WPMUDev hosting. I won’t cover them all here, but you can see them HERE In short, you will have all of the features you expect, and some you do not.

The Details

I created a staging copy of my personal website on WPMUDev the day they opened their hosting platform for public beta testing. Since then, I have put them through the paces, at times pummeling the site with as much as 1,000 simultaneous visitors. In the beginning, there were some glitches, especially when I was simulating higher traffic levels. As a beta, that is to be expected. But the WPMUDev team has done a bang up job at making this a solid platform. Those problems are now long gone. 

Before moving the site to WPMUDev, the site had a PageSpeed score or 91% and a page load time of 4.1 seconds. After the move, with no other changes or tweaks, the site shot up to a PageSpeed score of 99% and page load time of just 2.2 seconds. Not bad at all. With a few simple tweaks, I was able to get the page load time to just over 1 second! That is where the integration with WPMUDev plugins comes in handy!


The Plans

As I previously mentioned, a WPMUDev subscription costs $49.95 a month and includes a free 30-day trial. That subscription includes your first 3 WordPress sites. Additional sites start at $25 each and go up to $100 each, depending on the resources you need for each one. The screenshot below shows what each plan includes.


Keep in mind that each WordPress site gets its own resources. So you can mix and match plans as needed. So say, for example, you have 3 small low traffic sites that do not require much, you can use the 3 free sites for those. Say also that you have another site that gets a ton of traffic or uses a ton of storage, you can put just that site on a larger plan. If you manage multiple websites, this makes things very convenient. 

WP Top Hat Is Partnering With WPMUDev

I would highly recommend checking out WPMUDev’s new hosting plans if you need a reliable, feature-rich WordPress hosting platform with awesome customer support. This is easily one of the best values in Managed WordPress hosting. In fact, we are so convinced of the value of this amazing service, that WP Top Hat will soon partner with WPMUDev.

We are beginning the process of replacing our DigitalOcean infrastructure with WPMUDev. This will allow us to continue to provide the awesome hosting and maintenance our customers have come to love and expect while adding even more value by giving customers access to the wide range of WPMUDev plugins.

If you are already a WP Top Hat customer, don’t worry, you will not lose any of the current features and benefits you get with us. What you will see is a boost in performance, an easier way to manage your sites, and added features. We also have no plans to raise our prices. In fact, we will actually be lowering our prices coming summer of 2019! So stay tuned!


Whether you are a WP Top Hat customer or not, WPMUDev provides an amazing value with these new hosting plans. If you do not need or want the advance site maintenance and manage feature WP Top Hat offers, we strongly suggest taking a look at WPMUDev. 


DISCLAIMER: Although we are partnering with WPMUDev, the views and opinions in this article are the honest views of WP Top Hat. We are not affiliates of WPMUDev and we do not make money by referring clients to them and we have not been paid for our review. The quality and value of WPMUDev hosting is the sole motivation for this new partnership. 


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