Our New Podcast Is Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce the upcoming launch of our brand new podcast: WP Weekly Review. during the first week of November, we will be launching a new weekly audio & video podcast aimed at providing you with reviews of the latest and greatest that WordPress has to offer. From plugins and themes to service providers and events. We will even sprinkle a little news into each episode.

The podcast will be available in video version on our website and our YouTube channel. The audio version will be available in iTunes, our site, and your favorite podcast catcher.

The show will consist of 5 (possibly 6) segments:

Segment 1: This Week In WP

This weekly news segment will cover the latest happening in the world of WordPress. From release information to the latest bugfixes, we will cover it all.

Segment 2: Plugin Of The Week

Each week we will select 1-3 plugins to review. The video version of the show will demonstrate the features and benefits of each pugin. We will touch on everything from the most popular plugins to the newest or best-kept secrets that you may have never heard of.

Segment 3: Theme Of the Week

This segment will be identical to the Plugin of the week segment, but with themes.

Segment 4: Service or Product of the Week

In this segment, we will review a WordPress related service or product each week. This can range from an up and coming design agency or WordPress hosting company to books or online courses.

Segment 5: Events Of the Week

In this segment, we will look at WordPress related events happening this week. This can be WordCamps, Meetups, Workshops, or any other event of interest to WordPress professionals.

Segment 6 (TENTATIVE): Opinions and Editorial

This tentatively planned segment would be an OpEd about news, trends, or other WordPress miscellany.

Call For Submissions

We want this podcast to be about you, our audience. So we invite you to submit your suggestions for themes, products, or services we should be reviewing. If you know of a great upcoming event, let us know about that too! If you are a developer or WordPress business owner and you want us to review your product, service, or event, feel free to submit it as well. While we cannot guarantee that every submission will be reviewed, we try to review as many submissions as we can.

Fair, Honest, and Blunt Unpaid Reviews

We believe in being fair and honest in every review we do. This means that we may sometimes be a little blunt. If we think something we are reviewing is garbage, we will not be afraid to say so. If you are a developer or WordPress business owner and you want us to review your product, service, or event, there are a few things you should keep in mind before submitting your request.

First, we do not accept payment. If you wish to donate a free license or free use period so that we can do a full review that is acceptable, but not required. We will not accept any other offer of payment. If we do get a free license or use period, we will mention this in our review.

Ready to submit a suggestion? Simply complete the form HERE.